This week was a mix of stress and fun. I had a lot of work to do and the client was in town. Looming deadlines always make the days go by more quickly. I worked late Thursday and Friday so I definitely earned my paycheck.

The photo above is from a focus group I attended for the work I have been doing. I was dreading it but found it to be very fun to watch. It was like the ultimate design critique because they didn’t hold back. We got some really good insights and I would love to do it again.

We have been sticking with the whole30 very well. Though I do have to be honest and we did cheat this weekend. Todd went out of town and didn’t have a lot of choice. So I decided to take my own break with it and had a tamale and went to brunch. Though I cheated on grains and sugar I have been holding off on drinking alcohol so that’s something to cheer about. This next week we will be picking back up on it again.

The whole30 so far has not been that challenging. I thought for sure I would be craving cheese by now. But I do have to say I haven’t noticed any drastic changes. It’s probably because I eat paleo/primal all the time normally. But we will keep going with it.

Todd went to workout with me twice this week! So awesome. I am really impressed by him. I think that he is even enjoying it and I’m not just forcing him to go. I am excited to see his results.

This weekend with Todd gone it’s been good to have some alone time. Though if I’m being honest it is sort of boring. I got a lot of wedding stuff done and planned out the registry. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. But invites and all printed items are designed and done, website is done and registry is done. I even ordered a wedding dress. I hope it fits!

It really feels like fall here even though it has been very hot. The leaves are changing colors and falling and there is a welcomed change in the air. I love fall and everything that comes with it. I’m really excited about the holidays. Winter is ok I guess, I’m trying not to dwell on it. I think if I lie to myself enough I might make it through the winter. Maybe.


Home Movies characters for my Adult Swim ident.

Whole30 week two

Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper. Almond milk smoothie with green juice and orange. Small glass of 100% cranberry juice (so sour!!!)

Lunch: bone broth, poached chicken, two carrots (made into a soup). Cucumber slices and guacamole. Trader joes apple coconut fruit bar.

Dinner: smoked pork tacos with sautéed cauliflower and cabbage.

I’m not really a juice person but with my stomach still acting up I figured this might help. I’ve been mixing a bit of it with almond milk and orange juice and it’s pretty great.

I think it’s possible that I may have an ulcer. I emailed my doctor so hopefully I a get this taken care of soon. I usually avoid going to the doctor as much as possible but since this has been going on now for more than a week it’s probably time to go.

Today we enter out second week of the whole30. Everything’s will going well. I don’t feel much different, though I would probably feel much better without the stomach pain. Sticking with it though!

Today’s time for the workout named Helen. This was our first time doing it without rest between sets. It was really challenging but I did it with all of the pull-ups even.

Run 2 laps
21 kettlebell swings (35 pounds)
12 pull-ups

This week has been pretty good. Our whole30 journey is going well, the weather has been nice and work has been good. I officially got a promotion and a raise at work which is welcome news and makes me feel really good.

I’ve been working on wedding invites and design. It’s been a good but frustrating process. They say the hardest person to design for is yourself, and that is so true. But it’s coming along well so far and I’m very happy.

Our friend Blakely had his solo art show opening that we stopped by on Thursday night. His work is so good, I only wish that I had more money so I could buy a piece. We ran into some friends at the show and chatted for quite a long while. The weather that evening was wonderful and warm. I’m going to miss it when it gets cold here in a few weeks.

This morning todd and I both worked out! It was a super challenging workout but Todd made it all the way through! I’m super proud of him for working so hard.

Tomorrow I might try my hand at smoking some beef tongue! We will see how it turns out. Sundays for me are perfect for experimenting with new cooking techniques and ingredients. Wish me luck!

New seasons had 50% off nut butters this weekend! This is what I picked up today but I might have to go back and get more! That Barney butter is legit; So creamy and smooth. The two people in front of me had cartloads of the stuff!

Looking forward to chowing down on these after the whole30.

Beautiful peel and eat shrimp. Perfect for a beautiful summer evening.

I use emerils perfect poached shrimp recipe. I omitted the wine this time and it came out just as good.

We had it with a big romaine salad with tessemae’s ranch dressing and some peeled potatoes boiled in the shrimp stock. It was really really good. A really decadent and tasty meal that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out when you’re on the whole30.

Whole30 day five lunch. I’ve got some veggie and grassfed beef soup with homemade bone broth. Salami, a banana and a cliff cashew bar.

So far it’s been going well. I haven’t had any cravings and it seems pretty much like I’m eating the way I am already used to. Though I am sure any day now I am seriously going to want some cheese.

My stomach has been acting weird the past few days. This started before beginning the whole30 so I know it’s not related to the challenge. and though it’s been irritating at least it makes resisting alcohol a lot easier.

Todd’s been doing really great. I am super proud of him because he even resisted pizza and cider at a friends house the other night. I really admire his commitment. He’s also been going to the gym with me. Man we are gonna be pretty good looking for our wedding. Ha.

Now as we are heading into the weekend the real challenge will begin. Sitting at a bar and not getting a drink or wanting to go out to lunch somewhere. Well at least we are almost 25% of the way through. Staying strong!

Day three and going strong

lunch: 1 chicken thigh with sautéed cabbage and fennel. Pastrami with greens. A banana. And some chia coconut pudding.

Breakfast: 2 pastured eggs with bacon and half an avocado.

Dinner: making vegetable soup with ground beef and homemade bone broth.

So far so good. I eat primally all the time so this is not too much of a change. The only big differences is the no dairy and no alcohol. So far it’s been really easy and I’m feeling great. We will see how it goes as the weekend approaches. Todd is fully committed to this too which is helping a lot. I’m super proud of him.